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GUTSY J - Life's Devious - SINGLE REVIEW


Life's Devious

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Gutsy J

Los Angeles-based Gutsy J combines his existentialism with his Christian belief in his release ‘Life’s Devious’. Wrapped up in an emo rap, dance track, ‘Life’s Devious’ speaks of the sins that the artist has faced and the realisation that they are the stumbling block to happiness. Ridding of one's sins allows for life-changing events which the artist attributes to the help of Jesus Christ.

‘Life’s Devious’ combines the heavy distortion of bass with a growing Latin percussion and bubbles of melodic backings. The vocals are deep and elongated making for an unusual and captivating performance. As the track develops listeners find themselves in a mix of alternative dance music and modern hip-hop – an interesting mix. I like the way that this piece stands out, the catchiness of the percussion and the autotune effect on the vocals. In a world where being different and experimenting with genre mixes is almost seen as the new cool, this piece will fit modern music perfectly.

Gutsy J is a dark horse, and one to watch across 2023. I can’t wait to see what he gets up to over the coming months, there’s definitely a space in the market for this kind of alternative. – TAMARA JENNA

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