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HENKA - Fading Out


Fading Out

London, United Kingdom

Let me set the scene. A dark world spans before you. Acid rain hisses as it marks your jacket. The sky rolls with deep crimson clouds. A sound, industrial and profound, ruptures from a building in the distance. Its power shoots through you like a shockwave — the first moment of Henka’s single, ‘Fading Out.’ It's a dark synth track at its roots but it plays with genres and influences to create a sound that is unique. The vocals come straight out of 00s rock. Bright and clean they hit marvellous harmonies that thicken the chorus. The instrumental breathes with a rattling synthetic breath. It's metallic, beat-heavy, and oh-so fascinating.

‘Fading Out’ is sinister. It's a pop track turned to the dark side and it knows it. That’s what makes it great. The mid-section breakdown and its use of space, the chorus and its use of layered vocals, and the warbling crunchy synths throughout. This song is evil, Henka is evil. But the coolest person in the movie is always the bad guy. 10/10.



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