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Hip-Hop and Rap - 29/04/2022

Updated: May 3, 2022



Nikki Manos - Roses & Tumbleweeds (Deliriously Serious Remix)

Los Angeles, United States

The remix was released on 4/20 with the incredible Deliriously Serious, a distance-based music group that combines hip hop, rock, and reggae. Their remix is a rework of the original with added horns and a verse from DS member Luchador. The track has peaks and valleys of energy and reflects the rugged border towns of the American Southwest. Deliriously Serious has roots in Reggae music and Dub with Hip Hop. They incorporate horns and other Hispanic influences to reflect their New Mexico heritage. Nikki Manos combines Cinematic Western Music with Blues Rock and electronic elements to create something unique, which he calls Techno Western. Nikki's intention is also to capture the atmosphere of the American southwest. The son is rugged and rough and meant to represent the outlaws of the modern-day American West while representing the unique talents that were grown there. This remix is New Mexico homegrown.



Tremayne - Total Fucking Darkness

Toronto, Canada

Tremayne makes waves with explosive new single. This track marks his first solo release since 2019 and we were so impressed with his growth and skill! This track, holds a concept that I'm very familiar with. Tremayne now reveals what he’s quietly been working on. Dripping with confidence, artistic prowess and integrity, ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ is punctuated with attitude and layered with Tremayne’s prolific energy that pulsates like heat throughout every single beat. Opening with a drill trap beat we're given several rap flows in several pitches. The skill in this artist is deeply moving and I'm sure that as this artist goes even further he will grow from his pain and bring even more heartfelt tracks.



Rekka - Light One Up

Portland, United States

Portland’s female emcee Rekka releases her 4/20 anthem “Light One Up”, a reggae hip-hop offering featuring international performing artist King Thayo. The meditative rocker was produced by SmokeM2D6 and executive produced by Studio 21, laying the foundation for Rekka to detail her appreciation for marijuana culture and its existence in her home state of Oregon through her skillful lyricism and undeniable flow. Co-artist King Thayo makes his debut in the visual playing the role of the shop’s business owner, where he and Rekka meet for the first time. Viewers are then transported to a dark club, known as Area 51 in Vancouver, WA. Here the two artists are surrounded by dancers and vibing to the offering, fully capturing the energy the track brings. “The greatest part about this video is how many people were able to come together to make this video a reality,” says Rekka.



G.Pari$ - Patterns

West Palm Beach, United States

Six years in the making. G.Pari$ has been slowly crafting his sound, style, and flow. His music always brings out a vibe. Pari$ started making music at the age of 17. Recording his first song in a friend's bedroom studio. He released the song, Dead Presidents, on SoundCloud in 2013. That song has gotten over 100K streams to this day and it’s still growing. Also being a self-taught audio engineer and graphic designer, he does it all. Pari$ is very tuned in with his music and wants to keep creating whether it’s in music or fashion. With his catchy bars and his melodic beat selection, you'll find something to bounce your head to.



Bekim! - Next To Me

Peine, Germany

Bekim! is no stranger to TJPL News. Having made our Top 10 RnB earlier this month he's back with his new single 'Next To Me', the perfect summer track! Classic New Jack Swing / R&B with catchy vocals and a chorus to remember. Check out the flavor! Bekim is the composer and producer. He plays the keyboards and programs the drums, bass, and everything. He works with different singers who sing his songs. Quote - "If you hold on to your dream you will eventually make it. Just don't give up."Click the link below to hear it!



WYVR - Ascension

Murfreesboro, United States

"Ascension, by definition, the act of rising to a higher level. This time period was especially characterized by my wanting to grow as an artist and person. This song like many great songs, was also born in the midst of me having my heart cut up confused woman who didn't know what she wanted from me. My friend group I was in splitting getting smaller because of "drama", all while I was fighting to maintain my mental health working a terrible job that although it paid me well, depressed me beyond belief. I was fighting a war with the so called negative programs/words impressed on my mind by others and myself. My only options were grow or die out. So I did what I had to. Some reference tracks that might have inspired this song: Pure Enough by Denzel Curry, Fanatsize by Eric Doa, Let Go by Aaron May and IDWK by 347aidan."




Westchester, NY, United States

Thomas Pipolo (Pip) is a pop artist, singer-songwriter, NFT curator and founder of blockchain label, Cotton Candy Records. Pip is a former Division 1 athlete who pursued his passion for music after injuries derailed his baseball career. The Westchester NY-bred self-taught singer-songwriter debuted his hit single 2:22 with producer 2AM in 2020 and signed with Tha Lights Global management in 2021. Pip once again became a self-taught expert, this time in blockchain technology and launched his NFT ‘Backstage Passes’ on March 21st, 2022, raising 6.8 ETH ($20,000) in one day.



Kala - Beautiful Madness

Riverside, United States

This release was created by two artists: Myself, Kala - Vocalist and Songwriter. Fjand - Producer. In a statement, Kala gave us some insight into the writing process. "This song in particular was heavily inspired by Mental health issues that I have dealt with and the way that I've lived with them and moved on from them as well as how these issues influence my artwork. The lyrics of this song focus on mental health issues but more specifically finding peace and dealing with those issues. This song is very personal to me both because of its lyrics and because it represents me very well as an artist. Hope you enjoy" - Kala



Laurentis - Know My Name

San Jose CA, United States

Credit - Gina Arnone(Laurentis), Gemma Cross(Maijah))

“Know My Name” is the fresh, empowering, ego-boost we’re strutting our way into 2022 with. In this collaboration between California based multi-talented artist Laurentis, and PNW based pop singer-songwriter Maijah, there is no room for low-vibrations, as the artists command the listener to walk into the room knowing they were born to be the best. The artists’ individual verses allow the song to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, reminding the audience to keep climbing up, up, and up, as if it’s their birthright to succeed. Produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by Laurentis, and co-written and performed by he and Maijah, “Know My Name” is the perfect balance of clever, confident, and cocky, with an added layer of cinematic essence in the ambiance. With witty lyrics, a catchy beat, and vocals for days, “Know My Name” transports the listener into a fun, club-like environment where the only rules are to be the baddest version of yourself.



Splash Downey - Ain't Fair

Portland, United States

Credit - Cassius Petit

Splash Downey has always avoided being pigeonholed into a singular genre of music, and Ain't Fair is another prime example of that. Is it hip-hop, pop, or dance/club music? One thing is for sure - Splash weaves in and out of these genres effortlessly, and this record sounds like a dance-club hit from the jump. Hailing from Portland, Oregon and currently relocated in Los Angeles, Splash is turning heads in the underground scene, and was recently featured LA Weekly's Names You Need to Know in 2022 article. “Ain’t Fair” captures the radiant energy Splash has experienced being immersed in the streets of LA - an energy that carries you from long days in the sunshine to dancing all night.


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