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Hip Hop/Rap/R&B - TOP 10 - 02/08/2022 - WHO'S YA FAVORITE?!

Number 1

Merunisa, Crxssxs - Henny n’ Ice

London, UK

Kicking off the top 10 this week is London-based artist, Merunisa and her bop, ‘Henny n’ Ice’.

This track has a unique rhythm to it, and it is one that can be played to suit a variety of vibes. You would primarily imagine it in the club, but I am sure for many this will be looked upon as their latest gym pump tune, or even their feel good track on their way home from work. Either way, it is versatile and combines all of the commercial and qualitative properties to produce an overall great track.

I see no other option than to have Merunisa and Crxsxxs lead this week’s chart.

Number 2

Sofia Evangelina - Get Outta My Head

Dubai, UAE

Closely following at number 2 is emerging UAE talent, Sofia Evangelina and her latest track, ‘Get Outta My Head’.

This is a darker themed song. Evangelina is clearly a talented vocalist and uses her broad range to switch it up when necessary on this song. There is a slight- twisted energy to it and I love it. She ties everything together nice and concisely with an innovative, and not easily performed hook.

A piece of work to be proud of from the Dubai artist!

Number 3

MATTE, Cblock muzic - Power

London, UK

A second London addition to the top three sees MATTE collaborate with Cblock muzic to give us ‘Power’.

This song is a perfect end-of-summer addition to gift his audience as it carries all the elements of popular chart songs from the past two summers, with more of a focus on lyricism. The holiday-type instrumental is evidently a catchy one and, unorthodoxly, blended with the lyric-motivated approach of MATTE, we get to hear something completely new from this genre, something we could get used to.

If MATTE and Cblock muzic gave you your best listen on this list, be sure to give them your vote on our poll below!

Number 4

Danny K - Florida Boy

Orlando, USA

Panning over to the states for our fourth inclusion on the list leads us to Danny K and his latest release, ‘Florida Boy’.

Danny K doesn’t follow the typical intro layout that many within his creative bracket do, he prefers to get into the track practically from the jump, and he does it with ease. He does not need time to grow into the track, but rather dives straight in with what is later discovered to be the hook.

The instrumental is unique and possesses a heavily catchy melody. Danny rides this to perfection and enhances it with his flawless approach. A great quality piece of work all-round by the Orlando Up & Comer!

Number 5

Michelle Fabre - Kick It Up

New York, USA

In at number five we have Michelle Fabre with her R&B dance anthem, ‘Kick It Up’.

Fabre’s style blends the best of old R&B with the prominent elements we see in today’s approach. Particular in the instrumental, there are a lot of aspects that reminisce the early 2000s era, yet her approach is accompanied by that commercial gloss so sought after in the modern industry. A singer from just four years old, Fabre has spent her whole life perfecting her craft, and I believe she is more than on her way to achieving so with tracks such as these.

Number 6

Flipson - Apply Pressure

London, UK

Yes, you are seeing this right. A THIRD addition to the list this week from London, England. It’s not our fault the Londoners are bringing the heat, this time with Flipson and his latest creation, ‘Apply Pressure’.

Flipson is an artist I took a deep delve into upon discovering his work. He’s been grinding out mixtapes for decades and has done a solid job at adapting to different, and more prominent styles over that time period. He is extremely versatile in the sense that there aren’t too many beats he can’t utilise his style to perform over elegantly. It seems like he approaches the tracks so effortlessly, but in a way that allows him to express himself more authentically.

He achieved arguably the hardest feat of making a song in today’s age, which is solidifying a catchy hook. This really carried the song in my opinion, with the verses tying it up well in between. Good work!

Number 7

Joey Botello - Let You Go

San Antonio, USA

Number seven is brought to you courtesy of San Antonio’s Joey Botello and his brand new release, ‘Let You Go’.

This track is packed with emotion and energy. The sentiments are conveyed in such a way that adds a sense of drama to an already high-tempo instrumental. It is an immersive experience on the ear and demands the listener’s full focus throughout. If you love the traditional R&B and Pop, you’ll really appreciate this addition by Joey Botello.

Number 8

Ballin’ Wallin - Time Will Tell

Minnesota, USA

Minnesota artist, Ballin’ Wallin comes in at number eight with the emotional ‘Time Will Tell’.

The American rapper pours his heart onto this piano instrumental. Discussing what is, clearly, a personal topic to him that many other could metaphorically relate to, the loss of a loved one. The delivery of Ballin’ Wallin puts us in his shoes for just a minute and allows us to see, from his perspective, how he feels and just how much this person meant to him.

It’s a deep listen and a valuable one if you can get yourself in the right headspace, great work!

Number 9

Chip Pirrs - When In Rome

New York, USA

Another New Yorker graces the list this week as Chip Pirrs gives us his latest song, ‘When In Rome’ for our ninth inclusion of the week.

The song switches up regularly throughout and effectively offers us a bit of everything. The opening section leads a more dramatic path, and later builds into something more dynamic, altering moods in between and diversifying into something more 808-orientated. It’s an interchangeable song and one that was produced with a great deal of detail. Good work overall for sure!

Number 10

Rick Smoove - Hard To Trust

Texas, USA

Finalising our list this week is Rick Smoove with his brand new track, ‘Hard To Trust’.

Rick’s second name is no coincidence, his flow is as ‘Smoove’ as anticipated. His voice is incomparable to anyone I’ve come across, his flow is seamless and maintains a high level of pace and lyrical quality throughout. His lapses are nicely filled in by the majestic female vocalist in between. It’s a super catchy track and one I’ll have on repeat for the foreseeable, certainly!

If Smoove’s ‘Hard To Trust’ is your favourite on this week’s list, don’t forget to give him your vote on our poll below!

Hip Hop/Rap/R&B - TOP 10 - 02/08/2022 - WHO'S YA FAVORITE?!

  • Merunisa, Crxssxs - Henny n’ Ice

  • Sofia Evangelina - Get Outta My Head

  • MATTE, Cblock muzic - Power

  • Danny K - Florida Boy


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