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HIP HOP, RAP & R&B - TOP 10 - 23/09/2022 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022



Brooklyn, United States

21-year-old singer, rapper, model and YouTube personality Shan.X has released her newest single and music video “Me”! The pop and rap-influenced R&B Track is a single that represents self-growth. At the root, “Me” is a love letter from Shan.X to her former self. X wrote this song while in a past relationship, at a time when she says, “I had realized that I wasn’t being myself 100 percent." I absolutely love this song! The opening holds a fairytale narrative whilst bringing something off-centre and edgy. The vocals are beautifully executed. Definitely my Number 1 this week!




Rockville, MD, United States

Credit - Room 242 Records

Damon Modarres is a singer-songwriter based in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area. As a member of the music collective 242 (, he's collaborated on songwriting, performing, and producing in a variety of genres, and performed at venues across the DMV and NYC areas. #4am marks his debut single as a solo artist. The track was written whilst the artist was looking back on a night from the past when he and his friend shared their feelings for each other, whilst wondering what could have happened if they had acted on those feelings. This song is very similar to the works of The Weeknd - I absolutely love it!



MR STREETZ - Save Me From Myself

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Michael Jagdev

MrStreetz is an artist who captured my attention with two of his tracks this week. #SaveMefromMyself instantly intrigued me due to its artwork and title. The song itself is a story about struggling with addictions and how finding the right person to guide you in the right direction. The lyrics are deeply confessional AND hit the listener through the use of a variety of vocal styles. From the Emo Rap/Rock hook to the full spitting bars this is a track that you really do not want to skip!



LORENSA - The One Who Leaves

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Jean Marc

#LORENSA really impressed me this week with her latest piece #TheOneWhoLeaves. When talking about her artistry #LORENSA stated the following: "I don't want to be an artist that just paints you a pretty picture. I want to give it all to you - the pretty, the ugly, the raw humanity of a girl who's doing her best with the cards she was dealt. I am me, I am Lorensa." The piece has an eerie opening where the mixing technique used really makes you think about where the piece is to lead. The song is a very dark track in production and lyrics yet angelic in vocal performance.



SR WES - Get It For The Low

Anderson, SC, United States

Credit - Tower 4 Hire

SR Wes brings us his latest release #GetItForTheLow. The track was produced by @OgButla and Recorded in Greenville, SC by Phil Duckett at Phil Good Music during a time when the artist was dealing with some personal restrictions. The piece is heavily embedded in trap music, giving listeners a real feel of the world that #SRWes is a part of. I absolutely love everything about this piece! From the choppy bell synths to the heavy 808s and trap beats this track truly sparks dark energy. When combined with the perfectly executed rap flows this piece has a feel of Future and Busta Rhymes in its vocal execution.



ALAYISHA - Redemption

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Danté Charles Crichlow

Well well well, what can I say about this one? #Alayisha is a Brooklyn-based independent artist whose songs mainly focus on mental health and relationships. Redemption is Alayisha's third single release of 2022, and very similar to the other releases, the song centres around friendship and communication. Redemption is about wanting to rekindle and connect with someone you had a falling out with and being ready to meet them halfway or more to repair the relationship but also with a hint of un-sureness of if the other person is also in that space of rehabilitating the relationship. The piece itself is super slick - Corrine Bailey Rae with a hint of fire comes to mind here! This jazz-infused neo-soul piece is super slick indeed!




Toronto, Canada

Credit - Lincoln Mcleod

#RANSKIGLEECHIE sent us his first release after 5 years. A self-proclaimed high-profile rapper from Toronto, Canada #RANSKIGLEECHIE has accumulated a million views on his YouTube channel and hopes to soar even further with his latest music. #ProudOfIt holds dark energy through its use of key synths that hold the main melody behind the heavy 808s and scatty trap loops. The piece is one that you will find yourself listening to again and again due to its production elements and the rhythmic pulsing of the vocal execution. This piece reminds me of the energy of G-Eazy/Cardi B + others in No Limit. It would do well on your workout playlists or in any situation when you want to awaken the beast within!



MILLIE BLOOMS - Bounce Ya Necks

Monmouth, United Kingdom

Credit - Digichemistry

#MILLIEBLOOMS brings some big female energy to this week's finds. This piece rings different to the previous releases that I've heard from the artist but it works wonders for the versatility of the artist! The beat is dark, heavily backed by heavy bass and percussion-style bubble melodies, and #MILLIEBLOOMS' vocals sit perfectly within the mix. Sassy and smooth vocals layer in places where there's room for them! This is a great piece that speaks of female empowerment. Definitely, one to listen to! Did I mention that there's a poll below? Well, don't forget to vote for your favourite!



DANNY K - Handsome & Crisp

Orlando, United States

Handsome & Crisp is the latest release from Orlando-based hip-hop artist #DannyK. The track is part of his new collection of jazz rap which is all self-produced. Recommended for fans of the jazzy trance vibes of Freddie Gibbs, Benny the Butcher & MF DOOM. The purpose of the piece is to give people substance and emotion but it is also a lighthearted therapy, with creative sample chops and heavy bars. Handsome & Crisp is a whole vibe that takes you into the land of old-school hip-hop - true to its inspiration this piece is full of contemplation and pure vibes!



PRIEL - Can't Be In Love

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Credit - Reef's Island

#PRIEL is an independent artist in Atlanta, Georgia. His newest single "Can't Be In Love," is a song about the internal conflicts of wanting to be with someone, but also knowing that it's not sustainable because of the lifestyle that you want to live (Being a star/famous) The artist written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this record himself. One thing that I absolutely love about this piece is the slow introduction, the clockwork ticking, the vocal chops and the soulful R&B vocals. This is definitely a piece that fans of 6Lack would love. I for one can't wait to hear more from #PRIEL.




NUMBER 2 - LORENSA - The One Who Leaves


NUMBER 4 - MR STREETZ - Save Me From Myself

NUMBER 5 - SR WES - Get It For The Low

NUMBER 6 - ALAYISHA - Redemption


NUMBER 8 - PRIEL - Can't Be In Love

NUMBER 9 - MILLIE BLOOMS - Bounce Ya Necks

NUMBER 10 - DANNY K - Handsome & Crisp



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