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HOLMES Delivers a Stunning Debut with 'The Wait': A New Force in Indie Pop Rock

Cover art for HOLMES' debut EP 'The Wait'
Cover art for HOLMES' debut EP 'The Wait'
HOLMES' Debut EP 'The Wait': A Resounding Entry into Indie Pop Rock

HOLMES, an emerging Indie Pop Rock artist from Guildford, UK released his debut EP 'The Wait' on November 17th. The first thing I have to say is that THIS is worth the wait.

Opening with 'If It Was Up To Me', the five-track project starts strong with the vocal performance taking centre stage throughout the opening. A smart move from HOLMES, one which is all-consuming for listeners before being pulled into a high-energy pop-rock production.

'Never Learning' goes straight in with a dominant drum kick, guitar strums, and vocals for a centerpiece. It slows down in the middle, then it jumps headfirst into a speedy, heavier composition. If you're looking for a song that takes the pain of lessons unlearned and turns them into crescendos, and daydreams then you'll love this one.

Promotional image of HOLMES
Promotional image of HOLMES

'Love Me Not Him' steers towards a heavier production with crashing drumming in the chorus and speedy and suspense building throughout the verses. It's great to hear the song as it grows, packing punches with lead guitar riffs and moments of silence.

'Call Me' knows exactly how to capture the emotions of its listeners due to its heartfelt vocals, the rawness of the lyrics, and the stripped-down nature of the instrumentation. 'Call Me' is the kiss of a kind heart on the remnants of a broken soul.

Beginning almost where we started, ' If It Was Up To Me - Acoustic' offers something familiar yet soothing and intimate to end the journey. A needed touch of softness and cinematics make sure that it becomes impossible to forget HOLMES.

As far as debut EPs are concerned, 'The Wait' doesn't sound like a first release, rather it sounds like the work of well-seasoned musicians, with double numbers to their experience. Just wow. As far as upcoming pop rock artists go, I truly believe that HOLMES should and can take the baton from the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Dermot Kennedy, Tom Grennan, and Sam Fender.

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