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Ellie Knowles Joins IndifferentMonKeY: The Explosive New Voice Behind Their Anti-War Anthem 'SCREAM' That's Shaking the Music World!

IndifferentMonKeY 'Scream' Promo Art
IndifferentMonKeY 'Scream' Promo Art

IndifferentMonKeY Unleashes 'SCREAM': A Powerful Fusion of Trip Hop and Rock with New Vocalist Ellie Knowles

IndifferentMonKeY, the Morecambe-based alternative rock band, introduces 18-year-old Ellie Knowles as their new vocalist with the release of their latest single "SCREAM." Knowles brings a fresh energy to the band, elevating their sound and dynamic, as evidenced in their recent live performances.

"SCREAM" is a poignant anti-war track, born out of the chaos unfolding in Ukraine and the Middle East. Its powerful lyrics, such as "Look to the East and let's all SCREAM No...fuck NO!" reflect the band's stance against global conflicts. This single marks a significant step in the band's lyrical journey, conveying a strong, socially conscious message.

IndifferentMonKeY continues to innovate with "SCREAM," blending Trip Hop and Heavy Rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own. This fusion showcases the band's versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre conventions.

With approximately 40 gigs under their belt, including headlining Stage 2 of Diva Fest and co-headlining with Hawkwind, IndifferentMonKeY has rapidly gained prominence. They were awarded Best Band 22 at a live music award ceremony in London, further cementing their status in the alternative music scene.

"SCREAM" encapsulates the band's creative process, combining the talents of Joe Lowe (vocals/producer), Ellie Knowles (vocals), Brendan Syson (guitar), and Graham Darbyshire (drums). This composition is a testament to their collective artistry and innovative spirit.

IndifferentMonKeY is set to perform at key London venues, including The Bedford in Balham and TAM inside the Mercato Metropolitano. These performances are highly anticipated by fans eager to experience the band's electrifying live shows.

Genres: Alternative, Trip Hop, Rock

Moods: Energetic, Defiant, Passionate, Innovative

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