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IV COLLIN's "Touch The Sky" is a powerful testament to perseverance and dedication

IV COLLIN "Touch The Sky" Cover Art

IV COLLIN's latest single "Touch The Sky" is a powerful and moving track that showcases the artist's skill and dedication. Inspired by personal struggles and dedicated to his mother and aunt, the song features deep and meaningful lyrics that are executed with a conscious flow.

The track opens with an immediate DJ transition shot, followed by a drum loop reminiscent of Outkast's "Sorry Ms Jackson". From there, IV COLLIN takes us on a journey through his personal struggles and triumphs, with lyrics that speak to the heart and soul.

The first verse is dedicated to IV COLLIN's mother and aunt, who always request classic songs when he DJs for them. The second verse is about the artist's recovery from being in a wheelchair and his journey towards walking again.

Throughout the song, IV COLLIN's passion and dedication shine through, making "Touch The Sky" a must-listen for any music lover. The track is a testament to perseverance and the power of personal struggle, and is sure to inspire listeners to reach for the stars.



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