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Ivelina Schindler Makes Our Ones 2 Watch! with 'Safe Love': A Music Review

‘Safe Love’ gives dance music a fresh lick of paint, keeps it bold, keeps it solid — but now it's vibrant, neon. Pushing into the pacing future; Ivelina Schindler moves to keep the spirit whole. The vocals and the melody work in tandem, they keep the pulse pumping, keep the floor moving. In the back blare horns. In the front rile drums. In the middle, the synths play and the vocals perform. The wild world spins around you, the volume begins to rise. Just when you can’t take anymore the chorus drops, you are lost in the groove. It's Reggaeton, its beat-pop, its dance-synth. It’s everything you need it to be.

Ivelina Schindler has pushed the world of dance to the breaking point. ‘Safe Love’ does anything but play it safe. It takes risks, puts them all out on the table before you. Rising steam surrounds you before it is blown away by the formidable beat of ‘Safe Love.’ Tremendously rhythmic.



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