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Ivofonic Lights Up the Electronic Scene with "Sunset" from His Upcoming Album "Glimpses"

Cover art for Ivofonic's single 'Sunset'
Cover art for Ivofonic's single 'Sunset'

Melbourne-Based Artist Ivofonic Blends Genres to Create an Energetic Dance Anthem in "Sunset"

Melbourne-based independent artist and music producer Ivofonic has released 'Sunset', the second single from his anticipated album "Glimpses". Following the successful release of the title track, 'Sunset' continues to showcase Ivofonic's unique talent for fusing genres into an energetic dance anthem.

But who is Ivofonic? Well, also known as Ivano Abram, the artist is recognized for his genre-blending compositions which ranging from Electro-Pop and Synth-Pop to EDM, Electro-House, and Big Beat. In hand with this, he's also known for deep lyrics and a diverse sonic palette.

Promotional image of Ivofonic
Promotional image of Ivofonic

We all love a dance (even those who can't dance) it's in our blood to move, groove and get into the energy of upbeat tracks. Lucky for you, there's a range of elements available here which will make it impossible not to.

Immediately capturing an airy, electronic energy the piece invites listeners into a vast and empty space before the progressive introduction of scatters of synth and the booming of synth bass. Taken along a grand canyon of sound, the drumming mixes its tempo and design to change the mood. It's persistent for the main body of the piece but there are times when it chops and changes.

When talking about the essence of 'Sunset', Ivofonic states that musicality, it is a vibrant track that captures the essence of the sun, symbolizing the dawn of beginnings and the twilight of endings. The theme, is an ode to the day's transition, inviting listeners to celebrate the shift from day to night through Ivofonic's masterful blend of electronic beats and melodic synths.

As the production progresses, there's a likeness to Electronic greats - The Chemical Brothers. The electro experimentation, the vocal content and the masterful weaving of parts.

Did I mention that the album “Glimpses” is set to be available on all streaming platforms from December 15th, 2023? Well, I have now, so go see what this artist is about!

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