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Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Lolly

JŌVIKY has been on my radar since near the start of this publication for his rawness and emotive lyrical flicks of genius. Like all great artists, JŌVIKY’s skill set lies in the ability to really dig deeply into his mind and extract elements from within that have to potential to blossom no matter how long they’ve been in the dark for.

The latest single from JŌVIKY entitled ‘Clouds’ carefully lifts listeners into a place where gravity holds no power. The lyrics allude to the joy of floating through life with an elevated mindset. The production – a chilled and laid back blanket for the lyrical content to rest within. Elongated bell synths act as a meditation aid for listeners along with a soft bassline and percussion. The vocals, old school Lil Wayne comes to mind but with a smoother backdrop. YES! This is a hit. Join JŌVIKY in the clouds but don’t sleep on him! Get listening now, you will love it!



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