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J Cru's 'Post Nut Clarity': A Hysterical Dive into Intimacy's Afterthoughts

ynamic duo J Geezy and J Smitty of J Cru

J Cru dives deep into the hilarious realms of the male psyche with their fresh single "Post Nut Clarity", the lead track off their anticipated album "Glonky". This isn't just a song; it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions that shifts between the euphoria of intimacy and the subsequent, often comical, clarity that follows.

Labeled as a fusion of Alternative Pop, Emo Pop Rock, Hip-Hop, and a sprinkle of US Rap, this track is a sonic revelation. And it's not just about the quirky name; the unique blend of genres and the undeniable catchy rhythms, accompanied by a distinct male vocal, ensures this track will be playing on repeat.

Based out of LA, J Cru - comprised of dynamic duo J Geezy and J Smitty - are no strangers to the music industry. Their journey began in Orange, California, where a casual freestyle session in Killifer Park transformed into a lifelong bond. Since that serendipitous moment, they've created over seventy original tracks, always weaving intricate lyrical narratives with expansive sonic stories. Their comedic flair adds an unexpected twist, making their music not only relatable but also incredibly entertaining.

Last year, 2022, was a significant turning point for the duo. Sharing the stage with renowned artists like Trippie Redd, and releasing their critically acclaimed sophomore LP “GOAT LOVER”, J Cru has already established a firm foothold in the industry. With the promising lineup they've teased for this year, there's no doubt that they're on the fast track to becoming one of the most talked-about acts of 2023.

In "Post Nut Clarity", listeners are guaranteed a unique experience that meshes comedy with genuine musical artistry. It's a testament to J Cru's undeniable talent and versatility, reflecting their capacity to touch upon serious themes while never taking themselves too seriously.

For fans and newcomers alike, "Post Nut Clarity" promises to be a journey from the heart to the bed (and back again) that you won't want to miss out on.



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