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Come 2 Terms

Cuero, United States

J-Luv Da Prince, born Harold Jones Jr., is a native-born Cuero, Texas-based singer, songwriter, and rapper, who portrays his art in the form of beautiful lyrical storytelling. Using his gift for writing, J-Luv Da Prince's lyrics range from either conveying pleasure, love, and/or pain into what he describes as "reality through self-examination and comforting poems."

The cover art of the album portrays a very familiar topic - journeys, meaning, and purpose = Existentialism. As we begin to listen to the album it becomes clear what the journey of this artist is.

“My songs have and were never about becoming famous or getting any type of recognition. They have always been about a way to inspire and evoke certain emotions out of various people in their daily lives. Just know that every time you hear me coming out those speakers, you may want to relax and take heed of what I’m expressing. It will forever pertain to you in some meaningful way." -J-LUV DA PRINCE

'Right Here' brings the sauce - heavy 808s, twinges of guitar scrums, trap loops and a main melodic synth always hit the spot with this full of-energy darker side of rap. The lyrics are clear, and purposeful and bring some awesome panned vocals to light that creep up within the track from a distance. The repetitiveness of a continuous melody throughout doesn't always work within a track but here it works wonders to offer listeners a sense of familiarity and hypnotic transmissions. You'll be left feeling calm and relaxed after this track for sure.

'Ahead' begins with the sound of a female's heals as she walks on concrete layered ground. I immediately managed to grasp the nature of this track before a single work was made. It's funny how we can make the link between certain things without the need for words right? This song offers a new perspective from J-Luv Da Prince where listeners get to hear a more open and honest piece that transitions between emo rap in the hook and classic hip-hop in the vocals. The trap soul vocal samples hit the spot like the cherry on the top. This is a real conscious concept piece that allows you to get completely lost within the realm of the piece. An addition for thought is the final bars as they leave listeners overhearing an argument. Drama. Yep.

'Come To Terms' lifts the mood of everyone and everything around it - from the heavy 808s that take over the piece to the layered and fierce rap flows, this piece is guaranteed to hit its listeners differently. I urge you to listen to the words, enjoy the beat and let them all infiltrate your mind!

This is a really eclectic mix of love songs, pain and healing amongst other themes that goes from the warmest of the warm to the cold and honest. One thing is for sure, this artist is definitely one to listen to!


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