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James Dean Baker's 'Nothing But Love': A Review

A Fusion of Genres Breathes Life into James Dean Baker's Latest EDM Single

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James Dean Baker’s latest single, ‘Nothing But Love,’ delivers everything you could want from a modern EDM track. It’s not a pure EDM track, it’s seasoned with a base of R&B, there’s some funk in there as well. The song flows like EDM, in structure and in pace, but the flavour is a fusion of other modern electrical forms. With the bass rattling and the drums sprinting from the get-go, you begin with a synthwave feeling about you. The single’s a little dark, a little gloomy. Then the subversion happens. The instrumental builds with layers of guitars and keys that bring a bright side to the track. The bass remains the same, keeping the oomph in the low end. That feeling of synth evaporates and leaves a brisk and chipper track that gets the shoulders moving whether you like it or not.

Cover art for 'Nothing But Love' by James Dean Baker
Cover art for 'Nothing But Love' by James Dean Baker

‘Nothing But Love’ is a chill song when it comes down to it. The beat is fast but smooth, with layers of percussion ebbing the song together from all sides. The vocals are warm, inviting. They slip in and out of the melody when the moment strikes them. They add all the character they need to in bursts and streams, then they let the music speak for itself. When the music does speak, it does so with harmonies; changes into chorus sections that catch you off guard; with shifts of pace and of tone; and with a bridge that looks back to the beginning. If you’re into music that makes you feel good but are tired of music without any soul, then James Dean Baker is your ticket. ‘Nothing But Love’ is a feel-good track from a feel-good place. There’s a heartbeat in the bass, a flutter of the eyes in the highs, and all the conversation a relationship needs in the mids. It’s a flow of love, and it flows like gold.

Genre: EDM, R&B, Funk

Moods: Uplifting, Energetic, Soulful, Feel-Good

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