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In The Glove

Los Angeles, United States

The latest single from producer Jameson Tabor brings style like no other. ‘In the Glove’ is a pop, blues and funk track born from sounds that are making their way briskly through the dance-pop scene. The result is an astounding soundscape constructed with synths, pads, chop bass and whirling percussion that feels like The Weekend took a break from brooding and got up to dance. The vocals hit those harmonies that you want in a retro-synth-funk track, those high wails, those chanting chorus sections. It's all done with love and precision, Jameson Tabor knows the sound and he knows it well. ‘In the Glove’ is addictive.

It starts with the bass melody, held back through a filter. The vocals struggle through morning grit and push their way into the future tone with great effort. The effort was worth it, as once they arrive the world spins neon lights around them, cyber-masquerade and neo-funk. When the chorus hits it sends waves of bliss across the dance floor and there isn’t a heart in the room that wouldn’t pump to its groove. The bridge builds, it’s ominous, dark. A tone shift that sets Jameson Tabor apart in the producer space, they’re not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre, to take the vibe out of the room and have a discussion behind its back before it smashes it’s way back through the skylight and gets the room dancing again. Tonal, harmonic, masterful and wise, ‘In the Glove’ should be a staple for any dance or pop playlist, it’s too funky to forget.


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