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Jeff Andrew's 'The Last Wild Werewolf': A Bold Symphony Basking in Moonlit Mystique

Jeff Andrew’s single, ‘The Last Wild Werewolf,’ is a glowing track that howls at the moon along with its namesake. The instrumental builds with brass tones and climbing chords. The energy rises underfoot, and before too long it is pulsing as if alive. The percussion comes in marching, rolling snares and keeping everything tight. When all is set the vocals come into the picture. They start small, showing a lot of emotion and an openness that connects with you. Then they grow with the horns, they fly up to the peak and wait for that chorus to push them even higher. They boast bold lyrics and spin a dark tale of fantastical whimsey. The melody is intoxicating as you are awash with moonlight.

‘The Last Wild Werewolf’ is a track that takes its core fundamentals and never strays from them. It’s cool, confident, classic and full of wonderful new ideas that will keep Jeff Andrew in your head for days. A brilliant track that undergoes a true transformation.



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