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No Lover Lover

Los Angeles, United States

‘Lover Lover’ is a song everyone should listen to during a breakup. Jen Ash won’t fail to help you get back on your feet and find comfort in self-love.

The lyrics highlight the common themes we all go through in a breakup, losing ourselves and finding peace with being alone whilst dealing with heartbreak, which was nicely summed up with the line ‘turn my feeling into stone’.

The song intertwines pop and R&B styles, and the incorporation of synth and chilled guitar riffs makes the musical choices quite therapeutic and helps convey the message well. The pop elements of the track are what give it that infectious feel, with the repeating beats and effective synth. Her vocals complement this well, the tone is very melodious and brings depth and meaning to her lyrics. Jen’s vocal range is also impressive, delivering satisfying deep tones, yet also fading into powerful moments. Jen’s musical abilities are truly unmatched.

‘Lover Lover’ promotes feelings of girl power and self-love. be prepared to re-evaluate your past relationships through Jen’s uplifting message.

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