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San Antonio, TX, United States

It’s here, you can let out that breath you’ve been holding in; ‘Tickin’’, the newest single from Jeremy Parsons has arrived. The country hard hitter has been making waves with his ear for classical American country as well as his own modern twists on the well-loved genre. ‘Tickin’’ is a country single for the pop age, with modern structure and instrumental stylings, Jeremy Parsons is here to prove that not only is country not dead, but it’s throwing punches had enough to play with the big dogs.

If you’re out there asking, “What if we mixed the tones and songwriting skills of Glen Campbell with the attitude of Post Malone?” Then ‘Tickin’’ by Jeremy Parsons is the answer. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song starts with a dark gritty, almost ominous, guitar riff, this is then built on layer by layer with sounds that dig deeper into the track's country roots. The use of modern drums, multi-part harmonies and vocal layers set the song apart from even the most cutting-edge country sounds. The chorus feels tight, catchy and builds to a huge crashing crescendo that takes the wind out of you. All of this and the song doesn’t lose the country charm, it still tells a story, you still get all of that imagery, it just so happens that Jeremy Parsons dressed ‘Tickin’’ up in a dark-pop tux, and by Jove does it look dapper.


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