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Jimmy De La Mar Ignites the Indie EDM Space with 'I Just Need To Know

Jimmy De La Mar isn’t messing around with his latest single, ‘I Just Need To Know.’ It takes that club vibe, packs it up, and blasts it from a cannon, raining synthetic confetti down over the entire soundscape. There is magic in the core of the beat. The rhythm is innate, you can feel it deep in your bones, but there is something more to it. It’s harmony. The beat doesn’t just carry the song along, it gets involved and aids the single in its climb towards stardom. The vocals slip in, the bass heads on up and the chorus is straight ahead. When it hits everything glows with neon glee. It’s a freeing and electric experience.

‘I Just Need To Know’ pulses with energy. You can’t help but be taken in by its charm. There is no clout chasing, no boasting and no bad taste left in your mouth. Jimmy De La Mar knows that his music speaks for itself and that the most important thing is that you feel it. The rhythm works its way in. The melody ingrains itself onto your skin like sand on a beach. You could wipe it off, but leaving it on is half the fun. Exemplary in the indie EDM space. A colourful and joyous single. I love it.



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