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JOBBALOON - The Invitation


The Invitation

Detroit, United States

Jobbaloon is a Psych Pop/Indie Rock duo that brilliantly breaks boundaries by being their unique selves on their boldly exciting new album "The Invitation". Both having the passion and knowledge in “metaphysical philosophies, psychedelic stage treatments and having a self-deprecating sense of humour”, the dynamic duo experiment on this brand new full-length release. This talented pair are creators of an audiovisual experience that takes away everyday realities.

‘Intro’ is an extremely intriguing start to the album giving us a brilliant haunting vibe instantly with what sounds like an authentic tape recording leading into the next track seamlessly smooth, I didn’t even perceive that we had moved on to the next track that was perfectly produced. ‘The Invitation’ has an elegant swing to it from the simply sweet drumbeat as well as the use of the synth played with a majestic tone thus creating an out-of-space experience. ‘Bm’ comes in gently with a soft catchy vocal hook before the raspy and rich vocals approach that truly absorb you. The drumbeat is simply relaxed yet gives the song a great impact as the guitar riff adds smoothness before the gorgeous violin reinvigorates the song. ‘Aligned’ starts ever so softly with an elegant guitar riff and heavenly vocals. The drumbeat comes in shortly after giving the song that boldness as the piano plays beautifully giving the song a touch of sweetness alongside the synth. This track is slow and smooth with a bounce and an edgy funk mixed in! ‘Baby Blue’ holds a sweetness in the vocals with ever-so-gorgeous harmonies! The song starts with a walking drumbeat that instantly gets you swiftly grooving along, I adore the sensual attitude that matches the perfect brass ensemble that blew me away! ‘Am’ starts with beautiful harmonies that I could see being featured in a vampire/horror series like The Vampire Diaries. The drumbeat is electronic with a gorgeous ghostly piano that haunts the background of the song beautifully. ‘All I Need’ is quite a soulful tune with a dramatic yet laid-back lovely vocal tone. The drumbeat is boldly brilliant giving the song great character and depth, and the guitar riff is subtle and smoothly played as the piano gives us light-hearted notes thus giving the brass ensemble an impactful appearance. ‘Days’ has got to be my favourite and a fantastic way to finish the album with an ever-so-jolly upbeat vibe! The acoustic guitar is strummed happily alongside the swinging beat, the drums are straight–forward but driven giving the song a natural pulse, and the vocals are deep, airy and passionate!

This daring dynamic duo truly have created an exciting style of their own, ‘The Invitation’ is quite refreshing and an enjoyable new listen!



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