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JOEL RIVENDELL - Moonshine & Coffee


Moonshine & Coffee

Melbourne, Australia

Credit - New York Public Library & Alexandra Gorn

‘Moonshine & Coffee’ from Joel Rivendell brings a bluegrass country funk to a big band sound. With rattling drums that swish and sway, guitars that twang and hum and a vocal power that knows no limit, ‘Moonshine & Coffee’ is a track you need to check out.

It's smooth like good coffee. It cleanses the pallet but not before delighting with flavours that go deep, high notes that swing on the fruity side and a woody charm that delights and keeps you coming back for more. Then comes the bluesy moonshine. It rattles a banjo sound, metallic strings that intertwine with the melody. The vocal steps up a notch, with layers and harmonies coming together to add oomph where you need it. The song keeps rolling, and you keep on listening and soon you are addicted to the mellow tunes and the dulcet tones.

Joel Rivendell pumps so much creativity into his music. You can pick a track at random and know it is going to be a heck of a good time. But here, with ‘Coffee & Moonshine,’ he’s having a gold rush. It's catchy, punchy and certainly one of my favourites.



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