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John Goldrust Reclaims the Soul of Music with 'Like A Phoenix From A Fire'

Phoenix_Cover_Art: "The evocative and organic cover art for John Goldrust's new single.

A Journey from Entrapment to Emancipation, Crafted in the Blend of Folk, Rock, and Reggae

John Goldrust's latest single, 'Like A Phoenix From A Fire,' isn't just a melodic composition; it's a manifesto for change. It is a musical testament to personal transformation, meant to inspire those feeling the weight of societal constraints.

Background & Bio:

Oxford-based John Goldrust brings a new dynamic to music through collaborations with artists like I-Lodica and Dan Glazebrook. Each has left an indelible mark on this unique blend of folk, rock, and reggae, with Goldrust's lyricism serving as the backbone. The trio's past associations stretch back to previous projects and even a band called 'The K.S.H,' revealing the depth of their musical journey together.

John_Goldrust_Profile: "John Goldrust, the impassioned voice behind the new single 'Like A Phoenix From A Fire.'
Musical Influences:

Goldrust and his collaborators boast a rich tapestry of musical influences, covering everything from folk and rock to dub and reggae. This eclectic mix is not merely for show; it serves as the foundational ethos for creating music that is both engaging and liberating.

Notable Achievements:

Beyond the studios, Goldrust has proven his mettle on the stage, notably at the Iffley Fields festival in Oxford. His collaborative online content with I-Lodica is another feather in his cap, merging tradition with the immediacy of digital reach.

About The Single:

'Like A Phoenix From A Fire' is an anthem for personal empowerment. Its lyrics challenge listeners to wrestle with the shackles of modern conformity and seek a more authentic existence. The song's production is a conscious move away from the synthetic nature of much of today's music. All instruments and production techniques were organic, offering a timeless aura that connects with the audience on an intrinsic level.


In a world increasingly defined by automation and impersonality, 'Like A Phoenix From A Fire' serves as a much-needed wake-up call. It doesn't just entertain; it challenges, provokes, and inspires. It's a musical reminder to live authentically, urging us all to rise, like a phoenix, from the ashes of our former selves, into a brighter, more meaningful existence.


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