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JOSH TEPPER - Always Everywhere


Always Everywhere

New York, United States

Credit - Gilles Bensimon

Josh Tepper amazes with his profound and heartfelt single, ‘Always Everywhere.’ It's a pop track that lives for the rhythm. The melody lies in the beat, ebbing and flowing below heavenly lyrics that dwell in the clouds. They swing down, from time to time, casting a golden glow down dark streets and through dark windows, lighting up everything they see. The tune spins around love, plays with it, and muses on it. It comes to a halt when heartbreak strikes. Josh Tepper caught my heart in his hands from the first chord and from then on I was at his musical mercy.

‘Always Everywhere’ marks an astounding progression into ballad pop for Josh Tepper. With soulful lyrics and such honesty in his voice, there isn’t an emotion he couldn’t muster through song. The melody is simple, the chords are just so, and the beat fills in the gaps; leaving all the space in the world for the masterful vocals and their poetic lyrics. Touching and intimate — what a great tune.



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