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JPRiZM's 'Analog Dreams': A Synthwave Journey to Retro Futurism

JPRiZM's Electrifying Ode to the 80s: A Synthwave Masterpiece in 'Analog Dreams'

In the vibrant world of synth-pop and synthwave, JPRiZM’s latest single "Analog Dreams" stands as a glowing tribute to the 80s, infused with a futuristic vision. JPRiZM, the sole composer, producer, and keyboardist behind this project, crafts a sound that is both nostalgic and innovative.

JPRiZM’s influences draw rich inspiration from music legends Prince, Sister Sledge, and Michael Jackson, whilst blending his sound with the modern French touch of artists such as Daft Punk. His love for gaming and fantasy-science fiction media also plays a pivotal role in shaping his compositions, adding layers of depth and imagination.

"Analog Dreams" was produced in Boston, Massachusetts, embodying JPRiZM's ethos of creating music that transports listeners to otherworldly realms. The track is a quintessential example of synthwave, a genre that refers to the 1980s' electronic music while pushing the boundaries into new territories.

What stands out in the opening few seconds is the minute crackles, the suspenseful thuds and the seamless transportation onto 80s synth-wave. The single has a cinematic quality, it's an instrumental soundtrack to an unwritten story, where the listener acts as the protagonist on its epic journey. This is shown in the visuals, through a camera watching as you follow the nostalgic yet futuristic car pass through a computerised digital world. JPRiZM’s background in classical and jazz piano, combined with his passion for electronic music production, shinesthrough in this release, demonstrating his versatility and depth as an artist.

Reflecting on his work, JPRiZM shares, “Whenever I write music, my sole purpose is to teleport you to another world, full of fantasy and wonder. Losing oneself in the sound waves is a great feeling if you let yourself, and that’s what I live for.”

This ethos resonates in "Analog Dreams," inviting listeners to embark on a nostalgic yet futuristic adventure, a testament to JPRiZM's mastery of blending various influences to create something uniquely captivating.

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