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JULIA SOLE - Paranoid Sleeping (Edit) - LATEST RELEASE


Paranoid Sleeping (Edit)

Utrecht, Netherlands

Credit - Wout van Heck

Julia Sole has delivered a strange and fascinating single titled, ‘Paranoid Sleeping’, a song that rolls and clashes with its own sonic waves to deliver musical art. Julia Sole is a very interesting artist, in both musicality and origin and the sounds that drone from ‘Paranoid Sleeping’ convey this wonderfully.

The song is diverse, different and wildly modern. We get tones of rock, synth pop and grunge in the vocals. Julia Sole is using sound as an escape from reality, and to be there alongside them is visceral. - FREDDIE MCKEE

‘Paranoid Sleeping’ hits like Depeche Mode during an experimental session, fuelled by the angst of 90s and 00s greats.

The song opens with discordant clicking and a drum beat that keeps you guessing. The rolls flow from one style and pace to another, skilfully in time and delicious in their texture. A whine from string-like synth rolls in from the black space around us as the song builds to the vocals which come in hard, punchy like the drums. They talk at you and are musical in a punk way, the vocals are more about the message within the music rather than a needless melody. They crash into one another in a many-part harmony in the chorus that blows up the sound and is utterly unique. If you need something new and bold to listen to, a song from an artist that has begun their career by pushing boundaries, then you will find comfort in the brash stylings of Julia Sole.


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