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Bad Guys

Shelter island Hgts, United States

US based artist 'Just Scott' released his latest single 'Bad Guys' on November 18th. This light-hearted, fun, and upbeat dance track brings the 80s back to life! Speaking of dating and the lengths that some go to in order to get the person they want is a relatable topic - and when wrapped in this production listeners find the balance between fun and games!

Synth bass, claps, melodic keys and classic male pop vocals that are identical to the 80s synth pop era are what 'Bad Guys' lies in the essence of this production. Taking influence from the likes of U2, Erasure, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Midnight, and The Cars to name a few, you can see where some of those influences seep into the artistry of Just Scott and this particular song.

A strong word game of smoke and mirrors leaves listeners reflecting on their future dating moves.

If you're looking to jump in a time capsule and head back to the future then look no further than 'Just Scott' - TAMARA JENNA

Make sure that you check out the release and more from 'Just Scott' by clicking the link below. - A fitting addition to an 80s night playlist, 80s-themed parties and fans of the 80s overall!


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