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KØASH - Somebody

KØASH is back with a track that is just as catchy as ever! Upbeat from the off, the bubbles of synth bass and reverbed claps add a hint of the 80s whilst lining the foundations for what’s to develop. The lyrics lay bare the reality of how individuals often use each other for momentary gratification, bypassing the quest for deeper connections and true love. The powerful narrative woven into the song strikes a chord with anyone who has navigated the complex waters of contemporary relationships. The catchy melodies wrap around the poignant words like a comforting embrace, while the rich harmonies add layers of depth to the track, making each listen a new experience.

'Somebody' is a testament to KØASH's talent as a songwriter and musician. This would make the perfect addition to playlists alongside 'The Weeknd' and at the Weekend. Another amazing piece from Cardiff's upcoming pop star!



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