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Kaminski's 'Black Salad': A Sonic Odyssey of Art-Pop Synth Tones and Groovy Bass Lines

Kaminski’s latest single, ‘Black Salad,’ is heroic. It’s a fast and yet slow, art-pop synth tone kind of jam. Really, it's a Kaminski track, and that should be enough for you to want to give it a listen. Kaminski is evolving and each song becomes something more than the last. For me, ‘Black Salad,’ is the best yet. It’s the bass that comes in right after that fiery beginning. Drums thrash and then, wham! Into the bass line. The melody follows shortly after, and already you are lost to the groove. Synths fall in the back with retro vibes and they do a lot to give the track some texture. The vocals, as always, fit the sound. They add, never take, and they do so with masterful control.

‘Black Salad’ is an adventure to listen to. It gets the blood pumping and it sends the imagination flying. What is most impressive, however, is the delicate blending of layers that gives the song its magic. On your first listen the song sounds wild, like there are a million things happening at once to create that perfect melody. But on further listens, you realise the track is fairly simple, it is just played with such musicality and recorded with such charm that it grows in the soundscape. It fills you up and in the end, knocks you out cold in style. A fantastic track, a definite must-listen.



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