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Next To You

Berlin, Germany

Katie Drives presents you with no other option but to dance to her latest single ‘Next To You’. It's a pop-rock mash-up of melodic proportions, blowing up speakers on a neon stage. The song is full of guitar oomph, bass lines that kick and a drum track that splashes when it needs to and drills home the beat the rest of the time. The focus is on that melody, however. The vocals play with it over the instrumental. When the chorus drops in the sounds blend into one pulsing mass of bop. You can’t escape it and you’d never want to. ‘Next To You’ puts its best foot forward at every intersection of sound.

The song opens with some tasty guitars. They pluck a scaling melody that runs up and down, the tones are varied and shimmer in the dark. It's atmospheric and builds a stage deserving of the pop-rock to come. The vocals are lit by the bass drum, kicking out 4/4, spotlight on the vox. As the instrumental comes to life around the drums, the vocals take on a new quality. They are mid to high and tiptoe the line throughout the song to deliver the melody that lies within them. It culminates in a sound that was meant to be.

‘Next To You’ is bound to hit every playlist you have, its big sound and even bigger attitude have earned your attention. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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