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Kenny Sharp's 'Grown Folks Love' – A Vibrant Fusion of Soul, Blues, and Pop

Kenny Sharp’s new track titled ‘Grown Folks love’ concerns age-gap relationships, showcasing how new and exciting romance is not just experienced by young couples. Executed through a fun and uplifting delivery, with exotic guitar riffs and distinctive beats, ‘Grown Folks Love’ offers a warm and chilled energy. However, it is Kenney’s vocals which encapsulate the vintage feel of the track, with mellow and husky tones, there is an undeniable catchy ring to the song. Lyrical hooks are a common theme in this track, particularly in the chorus there is an infectious feel to ‘making grown folks love’.

Incorporating loose and relaxed rhythms here worked well with the high energy in the soundscape and complemented these hooks nicely. There is a feel–good essence in ‘Grown Folks Love’, Kenny’s vibrant character shines through in these joyous melodies, leaving all listeners to feel at ease. The blend of different styles makes this a track that will appeal to many, whether you’re a fan of soul, blues or pop – ‘Grown Folks Love’ is the track for you!

If you want an uplifting and chilled addition to your playlist, make sure to check out Kenny Sharp’s latest release.



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