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Melbourne's Own KEYES Drops Ethereal Single 'Like That' - A Hypnotic Dive into Love

KEYES 'Like That' Cover Art
KEYES 'Like That' Cover Art
Emerging from the vibrant Melbourne music scene, producer and artist KEYES introduces 'Like That,' a track where minimalism meets mesmerizing vocals, set to captivate listeners worldwide.

KEYES, Melbourne's multifaceted producer and musician, breaks into 2024 with her latest single "Like That." This release showcases her ability to craft a soft pop sound that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, allowing for a focus on enchanting vocals. KEYES's first release of the year is a testament to her talent and dedication to sharing her music with a global audience.

KEYES, embracing both the roles of producer and musician, brings her skills to the forefront, playing the piano and managing production within her home studio. Her music, influenced by the likes of Major Lazer, Saint Jhn, and Majid Jordan, captures a broad spectrum of sounds and emotions.

It's great to hear a female artist take centre stage as the creator behind the piece and on the track itself. The vocal chops captured me right away. The dark pop simplicity stands out throughout. The vocals, although captured by a ghostwriter, work brilliantly alongside the production. I love this from KEYES. Production-wise, lyrically and vocally, this is a song that I can't fault. It's catchy due to its laid back vibe. You get to take in every part of what it has to offer. "Like That" was inspired by a hypnotic sound that struck KEYES, leading to the swift creation of its captivating melody. She aimed to craft a song that allowed listeners to immerse themselves in its melody. That's exactly what this song exudes, making it a must listen for pop enthusiasts.

Lyrically 'Like That' delves into the depths of love through an exploration of the exhilaration and enchantment it brings. With its hypnotic melody, "Like That" urges its audience to lose themselves in a playful narrative of falling deeply in love. Will this make my playlist? Yes. It's a great listen for when you want to zone out during long travels or to sit in your room and enjoy. There's something of value here for everyone who loves a bit of pop.

Genres: Pop, Love Song, Contemporary Pop, Commercial Pop

Mood: Euphoric, Relaxing

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