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Updated: Nov 4, 2022



Salt Lake City, United States

Credit - Khoriantor, Leon Clayton

Who's ready for a mix of some Latin and English lyrical content? 'Moksha' is a piece that will leave you in your feels due to its slick hip-hop boom baps and rap content. This latest release from Khorianator features Macrodee and Poetic Justis all of whom offer their own spin on their artistry to make an impactful song that will leave listeners hungry for more.

This is a song that addresses leaving toxic relationships and leaving bad friendships in the past as you find your optimism for the future. Khoriantor and Poetic Justis deliver a juxtaposed powerful vocal performance that transcends the barriers of language. The track is deeply moving and full of lyricism that is not only easy to remember but it's also super saucy. If you're looking for some new heat for your Hip-Hop playlist then this will make the cherry on the cake!

'Moksha' was produced by Macrodee (Santa Fe Klan, Chystemc, Jonas Sanche) in a way that offers a controlled use of instrumentation that allows for the contrast between the vocalists to shine in centre stage. - TAMARA JENNA

I love the vibe of this piece, it's super chill and enjoyable. That's not all though! Stroll down to catch the video!


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