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Kijon Drops Banger Breakup Anthem "Single Again" with a Twist of Confidence Along With Ukamea

Tennessee's R&B sensation Kijon releases "Single Again," a bold declaration of independence and allure, sure to become the new anthem for those embracing single life.

Rising star Kijon has just unveiled his latest R&B single, "Single Again," featuring the enigmatic vocals of hip-hop artist Ukamea. The track delves into the dynamics of post-breakup relationships with a daring twist, asserting one's ability to influence an ex's current romantic situation.

Throughout "Single Again", Kijon's lyrics play confidently with the idea of reasserting dominance over past relationships, making it a track that resonates with anyone who's navigated the complex emotions of a breakup. The collaboration with Ukamea adds a fresh layer of depth, blending perfectly with the sultry beats and smooth production orchestrated by Kijon himself.

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Since his debut, Kijon has been known for his dynamic presence both on and off the stage. Having opened for industry giants like Ginuwine and Jacquees, Kijon brings the same level of performance to his recordings. Through the release of "Single Again", he showcases his versatility and growth as an artist which is further cemented by his recent accolade as TN Music Awards Hip Hop Artist of the Year.

Kijon comments on the release, "It's all about taking back your power and turning what could be a negative experience into an empowering one. 'Single Again' is for anyone who's come out of a relationship stronger and more in control."

The track has been met with enthusiastic responses, especially after a snippet teased on social media turned fans' heads. This led to the decision to release it as a single ahead of the album, highlighting its potential as a fan favourite.

My initial thought here was BANGER. Bringing in trap soul vocal chops and smooth vocals, this deep R&B meets rap track is one for deep feelers. There's so much to love about this one! It develops into a bigger masterpiece as it goes along with both artists absolutely smashing it! I'll be keeping an eye on Kijon and also Ukamea for the foreseeable. "Single Again" will be a hit for fans of the likes of Future and Kehlani amongst others.

Don't miss out on this powerhouse track from Kijon. "Single Again" is available for streaming on all major platforms.

Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, US Rap

Mood: Empowering, Bold, Confident

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