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KIT CITRINE - Midnight Masquerade


Midnight Masquerade

Orlando, FL, United States

Credit - Kit Citrine

Kit Citrine is an Indie – Pop / Indie – Rock artist who writes, sings, is a beautiful instrument player

and produces and masters and markets her music independently. ‘Midnight Masquerade’ varies in

music genre and style but stays connected by the narrative that runs through each track, expressing

many sensitive subjects that are real and relatable to each individual listener to connect with their

own insecurities and personal struggles. The themes of this album are supporting the LGBTQ+

community, mental health awareness and care for Alzheimer's disease and/or Cancer. Kit is also an

outspoken advocate for mental health thus including anxiety, depression, and grief sharing that several of the songs shed light on these themes throughout this album Midnight Masquerade’. 'Midnight Masquerade’ is an incredibly enchanting tune to start the album! The drumbeat is steady with a laid-back drum pattern giving the song a light bounce as the vocals hold the full power in this song with a gracious yet fierce voice. ‘Stardust’ is a soft, sombre, sweetly euphoric tune that gives us a floaty feeling making the melody perfect and mesmerising giving the song a sparkly, sprinkle stardust aura. ‘Radical’ is a bubbly Pop – Rock tune that allows Kit to express the full power of her astonishing vocals that will take your breath away. ‘Zombie Outbreak’ has an alluring drumbeat that picks up with a bold bewitching bop! This song is daring yet fun with dark smooth vocals thus gifted to us just in time for Halloween! ‘One Day We’ll Get Away’ captures that enchanting sombre sound that I adore reminding me a little of Evanescence with vocals in a low register alongside a magical melody. ‘The Robot Graveyard’ has a funky drumbeat with a simple kick and snare before the pitch shift synthesiser approaches for each chorus encouraging the theme of the tune. I

absolutely adore the auto-tune on her extremely impressive vocals but this gives the song that extra robot effect making it quirky, fun and exciting. ‘Astonishing Autumn’ lyrically expresses themes of

sexuality and the struggles of identity. The song is created by a light-noted and beautifully played

piano as Kit's vocals are lightly operatic thus impacting the sincere storytelling story. ‘You Should Be Proud’ holds an incredible sassy feminine attitude and totally empowering making this a tune you want to sing your heart out to! The song is smooth and sophisticated holding a groovy light-hearted beat. ‘Celestial Goddess’ is a soulful story-telling tune that influences a magical sway with the soft, sweet, saintly melody. This is a song I could hear played in a Disney movie! ‘The House

Remains the Same’ holds a laid-back drumbeat that grooves along in the background as the guitar

riff strums elegantly but both are fading for the piano closing the song. Kit expresses through her

lyrics the representation of gender identity and the roller-coaster of emotions. ‘Two Purple Ribbons’

is gentle, graciously genuine sharing the story of pancreatic cancer diagnosis and the loss of a loved

one. This is a deeply heartfelt song that holds sweetness with a bright melody as the lyrics raise

awareness for the cruel illness. ‘Hollow’ starts smooth yet dramatic before the drumbeat approaches with a kicking beat giving the song a full impact. The lyrics are captivating, creative, cool and super catchy giving us a spooky vibe that is emphasised by the gorgeous operatic vocals. The piano starts 'Who You Are’ with a delightful bounce before the drums give the song a stronger fill for the chorus. This song has so many levels, giving me Opera and Disney vibes and I love it! The penultimate song ‘Demons’ starts with a fun funky beat that instantly gets you grooving with your

head nodding and shoulders slowly bopping to the bold bashing beat. The vocals are incredibly powerful absorbing you completely, you will be singing along before the song is finished. ‘Alone in

the After’ is a mellow and majestic tune! This song holds so much character giving us a whole

persona and story, I could imagine this being used for a movie trailer and as the main song of the

soundtrack. The entirety of this album is a musical masterpiece, it is captivating and truly amazing!



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