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KOTC CLAN - Mirror Selfie Mirror On The Wall


Mirror Selfie Mirror On The Wall

New York City, United States

Credit - KOTC DREW

‘Mirror Selfie (Mirror on the Wall)’ is the latest single from hip-hop company and dance-pop producers KOTC Clan. The single features, KOTC Drew, KOTC Gamal and Da Vibe Clan, all in their best form supporting a track with ripping bass, bopping percussion and a rhythm that won’t quit. From the get-go the swing hits hard, sliding the melody two and fro, a pendulum of hip hop. Once the vocals chime in they conduct the track, raising the percussion here, flattening out the mids there, creating a varied and interesting musical sound space.

The lyrics are where the focus is, the vocals carry a great melody and keep you in the song listening to the self-proclaimed ‘Kings of the Clout’ play and rhyme to a rhythm that is chock full of funk pushes and pulls. ‘Mirror Selfie (Mirror on the Wall)’ is a song that bleeds attitude and presence, a powerful single from an up-and-coming hip hop clan.



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