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Washington, DC, United States

Melodic alternative meets melodic rap – well that got my tongue in a twist and my attention on this next track. ‘Controller’ by Washington DC’s L!nwood. This is a song that portrays the feeling associated with wanting control in your life but not having it. Catchy meets introspection in this autotuned vocal performance.

The opening synths offer a melodic twee sound luring listeners into the start of what feels like a video game – and L!nwood certainly holds the controller! Making a sudden twist of events, emo rap meets hyperpop and R&B with slick harmonies and heavy 808s. This is a song that I will have on repeat for the rest of the night. I love how the vocals make several switch ups, the way that the melody holds the production throughout. ‘Controller’ reminds me of Trey Songz meets Blackbear meets MGK. Love love love this track and can’t wait to hear more to come from L!nwood.



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