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LATEST RELEASE - ELLA HARTT - The Story You Tell Yourself



The Story You Tell Yourself

Alberta, Canada

Credit - Perrow Productions

#EllaHartt released her latest single #TheStoryYouTellYourself on May 20th. Written and recorded remotely, Ella shares her journey with an uplifting message that reminds others to believe in their best parts. As said by the artist herself “You’re one of a kind like no one else. You’re The Story You Tell Yourself!”.

#TheStoryYouTellYourself has been making traction, broadcast on radio stations across Canada, and on internet radio for the globe to hear. The piece places its roots firmly in Country, Pop and, soft rock to bring listeners into the authentic artistry of #EllaHartt.

The piece gives listeners a jolly rhythmic opening full of off beats that are filled with percussion. The vocals are layered in a way that lifts the hook to the heights of the greats. This song is very #TaylorSwift in the way that it merges its musical foundations.

This is a track that is uplifting, motivational and super catchy! - Tamara Jenna - TJPL NEWS

Definitely a track to get on your playlists - even if this sounds like a piece that you may not like I think it will become a lot of people's guilty pleasure. 100% One 2 Watch!



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