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Bluey Orange

Dublin, Ireland

Credit - Buscar Bruscar Photography

Dublin-based Experimental-Electronic artist #Jakliu released his latest track #BlueyOrange just a few days ago on the 23rd of September following the success of his previous release "All Cash No Love". #Jakliu is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, who aspires to create a "transportive and organic sound inspired by the stagnation and instability of early adulthood.". Taking influences from the likes of Caribou, Four Tet and Mano Le Tough #Jakliu uses his creativity to resemble something very original through his music.

#BlueyOrange does not hold back in creating an experimental sound from the get go. Opening with bubbly percussion, this track opens a world of scatty dreams shortly before introducing gorgeous swirls of lo-fi sounds. From dreamy bell synths to hip-hop-sounding percussion and faint, almost vocal chop-sounding VST synths, this piece welcomes listeners to a voice that speaks without the need for words.

When discussing the meaning of the piece, #Jakliu made the following statement:

#BlueyOrange " about the art of staying grounded in your own mind, while the world races past". This is definitely something that is showcased within the piece! The percussive elements resemble racing elements whilst the dreaminess of the synths offers that "caught in your own mind" feel.

I'm looking forward to hearing what will come next from #Jakliu and I think you will too once you click the link below and hear the piece for yourselves!



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