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LATEST RELEASE - MEG SMITH - You Make Bad Things Not Suck <3


You Make Bad Things Not Suck <3

New York City, United States

Meg Smith blows up the amplifiers with her newest release, ‘You Make Bad Things Not Suck <3’. The song takes a swing at the naughties rock vibe and gets a home run. The song is loud, brash, full of attitude and made with love. You can feel the craftsmanship in the song as it breaks and turns, adorned with little frills and vocal clips. If ‘You Make bad Things Not Suck <3’ is an image of what’s to come from Meg Smith, count me in. Heck, count everyone in.

The song opens up with a catchy guitar riff in the back, then some drums with a splash of modern pop slide in to support the girl-next-door vox that are not too dissimilar from the gritty Avril Lavigne tones of old. The vocals are up close and personal and tell us a story about - yes you guessed it - a crush, a fling, a romance in rhythmic bursts of attitude and angst. Bring back angsty love songs I say, the sloppy slow ones have reigned supreme for far too long, Meg Smith has shown us all how it's done, make love fun again, have a heartthrob and do it all while jumping, dancing and head banging to the ripping chorus. ‘You Make Bad Things Not Suck <3’ is a song that will bring back memories or make some very good ones.



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