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New York, United States

Credit - Lisa Profeta

New York based pop artist Sarah Fernandez uses her desire to make a change as the driving force behind her musical creations. Today, she released her debut single entitled "Drowning". Fernandez describes the piece as a "sad girl fall anthem" and she completely hit the nail on the head!

Taking influence from artists such as Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, "Drowning" aims to provide comfort to listeners during times of overwhelm, insecurity and sadness. This song is a powerful one that takes its shape in the form of a ballad. The opening lyrics captured my attention from the off. The lyrics talk of pain, entrapment and feelings of being lost. The vocals have a country twang to them whilst providing an uplifting and strong performance. I can envision this being a piece that would fit the hand of a musical documentary or a film like a handcrafted glove.

"Drowning" is a solid introductory release for Sarah Anne Fernandez! I'm sure that the future will be an extremely bright one for the rising star despite feeling as though she is "Drowning" at times. Keep using pain as a superpower and I know that you will reach your musical goals!


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