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Unlock Sonic Bliss with the Lewitt Pure Tube Microphone: Your Forever Mic Awaits

The Lewitt Pure Tube microphone is the latest addition to Lewitt’s battalion of Vacuum Tube Microphones. Bringing the classic sound and warmth back into the performer's hands, and budgets. Though not a cheap microphone by any means, the Pure Tube does come in well under the asking price for many other high-end tube microphones. So if you’re looking for that forever mic, the one that will stick by you for a lifetime, then this Lewitt is certainly a contender in the vacuum tube market.

Lewitt Pure Tube microphone , capturing its sleek design.
Classic Timeless Design

With a warm tone but plenty of presence in the highs and mids, the Pure Tube is a mic that has been tuned specifically for the voice. Which, funnily enough, is rather rare in the general microphone world. As soon as you get into mics for specific things — be that drums, bass, or brass instruments — the price tends to double if not triple. Here, Lewitt has catered for those of us who wish to capture … well, us! Which is a fantastic thing for musicians trying to add body and personality to their vocals, as well as voice actors or podcasters.

Being a tube microphone has its benefits. The mic outputs a supremely clean line with little to no interference and an exceedingly low noise floor. All this means that the mic won't crumble under the volume of a scream, and will also be able to pick up the intricacies of a whisper. Some people love the sound of tube mics; their rounder shape in the ear, their additional body and their simplicity. There is nothing in the way of the sound. Though tube amps require a lot more power than modern FET microphones. To combat this, the Lewitt Pure Tube comes with an external power supply and a specific cable that carries extra power to the mic as well as acting as a standard XLR. The mic, the amp, and everything you need to hook it into your current setup comes in at £829.00 on Andertons, and £819.00 on Gear 4 Music. The mic also comes in a Studio Set, which includes everything here plus a custom shock mount, magnetic dual-layer metal pop filter as well as a robust flight case for everything that needs to travel with the mic. Whether you are a pro looking to up your game or a newcomer looking for a mic that could take you anywhere, then the Pure Tube packs a punch for the price and will keep you going for years.


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