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LIPFORD - The Party Is Over


The Party Is Over

Rome, Italy

Credit - Daniele Bonanni

Indie rock is a predatory genre and it is expanding its collective niche throughout the musical world. It is consuming aspects of shoe gaze, synth wave, alt-pop and stoner rock in a way that has never been seen before, resulting in tremendously creative sounds like that of Lipford’s latest single, ‘The Party Is Over.’ Its indie rock, at the heart, the foundation is made from glistening guitars, full-headed beats and a vocal that charms and carries the melody. Its sound and textures, however, are that of shoe gaze and experimental pop. It's spacey, otherworldly and downright fantastic in its colours and flavours. The chorus is harmonic, climbing like vapour into the clouds with the help of multiple harmonies. The guitars and bass glisten in the mist, their riffs capturing all of the residual emotion and offering it up to your heart over and over. You melt away in the humidity and are carried upwards, evaporating under the heat of Lipford’s musical talent.

‘The Party Is Over’ is a must-listen if you value music that is at the bleeding edge of its genre. Stupendous.



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