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Little Sheba and the Shamans Reimagine Billy Fury’s Classic ‘Wondrous Place’

Little Sheba and the Shamans have gifted the world a cover of Billy Fury’s ‘Wondrous Place.’ It’s a song many love for its classic bass line and simple sound of the times. What Little Sheba and the Shamans have done is take everything you love about the song and make it their own, creating what might be my favourite rendition of this classic track. The bass is fuller, it rides its own wave as the subtle percussion swishes below. The guitars bite and growl when they need to, finding moments missed in the original and adding a little tang. It goes a long way in bringing this classic up to speed. The vocals still hold that faraway feeling, but they hold a little more power, a little more soul. You feel it more, you begin to feel yourself in this wondrous place alongside the band.

Covers are daunting, but when you find a song which fits so perfectly into the sound of your band, you would be doing the world a disservice not to bring a classic into the new age. ‘Wondrous Place’ from Little Sheba and the Shamans is an example of a perfect cover. It’s bold, new, but it pays respects to the original. Astounding work across the board. It’s now on all of my playlists.



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