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LIV CRASH - 'Cause Even In This Song - LATEST RELEASE


'Cause Even In This Song

Milan, Italy

Liv Crash is wasting no time showing the world their sound. ‘’Cause Even in This Song’, is Liv Crash’s debut single and it's a funky jazz/rock tune that refuses to sit still. From the get-go the guitar is fantastic. It's crisp and full of frills and flavours of 70s rock and modern funk. The style shifts as the song goes on and we feel a heavier rock influence take centre stage at times and it works wonders. The drums are complex but not overdone, they keep up with the varied guitar melody and leave you grooving. Add some stellar bass and accompanying backing vocals, and this is a rocking good time.

The song opens as you’d want it to. With that guitar. It scales the blues, jazzes it up and then ices the rock’n’roll cake with a riff that’s as stylish as it is funky. The bass lies in wait underneath the chop and blows up when the drums smash cymbals. The vocals are clear and they punch through the rock. They weave a melody that keeps you listening but allows room between phrases for the instrumental complexities to shine through like god rays.

Liv Crash is taking risks and it's paying off, ‘’Cause Even in This Song’ it feels like they’ve been doing this forever. - FREDDIE MCKEE

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