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A Better Me

Jönköping, Sweden

‘A Better Me’ is the latest single from Swedish new-pop band, Live in Color. Their sound is uplifting, soul music, not in genre but in design. It sings directly to that inner you, the one that’s fighting for tomorrow and eggs them on, to get it done, to be happy. The single embodies this message with perfect clarity, from the rhythms to the lyrics ‘A Better Me’ is hopeful and encouraging. Above all of that deeper meaning is a brilliant tune. The rhythm is captivating and gets you moving or tapping along, even if you are no dancer, you won’t be able to fight it. The instrumental is smooth and well-rounded and supports the vocal with its crispy clean highs and swooning mids.

Listening to ‘A Better Me’ by Live in Color feels like jumping into the cold sea. It's a rush, it gets your heart pumping and while you’re submerged all you can think about are the waves washing over you. Yet once is all said and done, and you’re on the shore, all you can do is laugh. Righteously uplifting.


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