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London-based pop artist 'BSP' paints a garden of Eden with her metaphorical wordplay


In My Garden

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Marie Morcinková, Max Gordiani, Valentina Giora, Jose Crispim,

London-based pop artist 'BSP' (previously known as Brioni) paints a garden of Eden with her metaphorical wordplay in her latest album 'In my Garden'. This 9-track collection of songs takes listeners on a journey that is truly unique. BSP merges art and music by performing solo, engaging in a passionate synaesthetic portrayal of her music and producing original paintings whilst singing and playing the canvas, all at the same time. This concept is immensely fascinating! BSP has achieved this by installing a small piezo trigger on the back of each canvas and connecting them to a laptop. Each artwork then to be assigned a different sound, which she activates by painting on it.

‘In My Garden’ ft Two - Man Club mixes electronic waves with an experimental pop soul vocal. Bordering on experimental R&B, this song sets BSP apart from traditional pop artists. An interesting production and unique vocal ability set listeners up for a universe of wonder. ‘Timeless’ edges into dark pop through the use of synth bass notes and a persistent drumming pattern. A familiarity in vocal performance from BSP. ‘Mayday’ continues to pave the way for electronic music through the use of reverbed percussion and an electronic bassline which carries throughout the piece. ‘I Think’ marks another collaboration between BSP and Two-Man Club, solidifying their collaborative efforts it becomes clear where the artistic contributions of each artist lie. An interesting mix of 80s and modern creative experimentation. ‘Piece of Me’ leans into traditional pop with a darkness behind its lyrical and production elements. Talks to paralysis and lessons learned, ‘Piece of Me’ is a catchy EDM track that is sure to be a hit with listeners old and new. ‘It’s Only You’ continues along a trail of darkness with talks of following someone’s every move and contrasting thoughts and haunting memories. This piece continues to mark the commercial side of BSP’s artistry. Concluding the album is a track entitled ‘Why You Lose’, leaning towards an alternative ending, listeners are invited to reflect on the mind of the artist in an indie rock meets experimental pop culture.

There’s a lot to take away from this project whether that be the art of experimental creativity, the consistency in inconsistency or the notion that art is not linear.

A standout point here is what was mentioned at the start of this piece, being that the artist produced original paintings whilst singing and playing the canvas, all at the same time. I’m yet to source where I can find more information surrounding the process but it sure is a unique and highly creative thing to think of!

Make sure that you check this artist out by clicking the links below, something tells me that there is a lot more to come by the way of experimental genius here.


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