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LOUDAR - Little Susie


Little Susie

Groningen, Netherlands

'Little Susie’ is a hardstyle EDM track from the powerhouse, Loudar. It's a single that encompasses everything that EDM strives to be while adding artistic flares that can be found only in the mind of Loudar. The song starts almost as a heavy 00s pop track. Vocals are high and clear, creating a melody that the instrumental latches onto, one full of synth and tonnes of percussion. Then the switch happens. The vocals fade away, lost in the beat, the synths rise up and you are swamped in a cosmic wave of EDM glory. The main hook pumps in and it is wild. Heavy and free, Loudar keeps you invested with a beat that never dies.

For an EDM track that sits in the hardstyle sub-genre, ‘Little Susie’ is incredibly varied. It plays with velocity and scale during the song and has many ups and downs rather than one crashing zenith, making it one beastly track to get involved with. Smashing.



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