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Love Ghost Teams Up with ND KOBI for New Single 'GOD DAMN'

Los Angeles-based Love Ghost fuses Latin R&B with emo influences in 'GOD DAMN', a powerful collaboration with Mexican artist ND KOBI.

Love Ghost has released their new single 'GOD DAMN', a vibrant blend of Latin R&B, alternative, and emo music. The track, produced by notable Mexican producer Shantra, features a collaboration with artist ND KOBI, adding a unique cross-cultural depth to the song's exploration of mental paralysis.

The single is part of an upcoming album by Love Ghost, also produced by Shantra, promising further collaborations that showcase the band's genre-blending style. 'GOD DAMN' continues Love Ghost's tradition of pushing musical boundaries but also taps deeply into themes of internal struggle and self-awareness.

Love Ghost has gone and done it again! In collaboration with ND Kobi', this dynamic duo bring emo rap to the front of our senses. It's great to hear this side to Love Ghost's artistry. For fans of Juice Wrld, and the emo rap genre in general, this release will resonate deeply. I love the depth, the message and the Latin verses add an extra something to get all excited about. Production-wise, 'God Damn' takes internal turmoil and brings light to such experiences. The slow emotional guitar is chilling, the trap beats fill the space but in the background and the 808s shake your heart in time with the lyrics. This has to be my favourite release from Love Ghost to date. More like this, please!

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Following a successful tour in Europe and multiple high-profile performances in Latin America, Love Ghost's Finnegan Bell has been working closely with a variety of Latin artists and producers, enriching the band's sound with diverse influences and collaborations.

The single 'GOD DAMN' is available now on all streaming platforms. Dive into this unique blend of sounds and witness Love Ghost's ongoing evolution in the international music scene. Oh, and before you go, make sure that you check out the video above!

Genres: Alternative Rock, Alternative Indie, R&B, Emo Rap, Emo Pop Rock, Hip-Hop, US Rap, Rap Pop, Autotune, Rock Pop

Mood: Reflective, Cross-cultural, Emotive, Introspective, Vibrant

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