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Love Ghost Collaborates with Yung Dupe on 'TIME TRAVEL' - A Journey Through Trauma and Redemption

In their latest single, Los Angeles-based Love Ghost teams up with Mexican artist Yung Dupe to navigate the complexities of healing and the unforeseen consequences of trying to alter the past.

Look, Love Ghost made a fan of me years back. This time they've gone even further than before with the release of 'TIME TRAVEL' along with Yung Dupe. It's dark, Emo Rap meets Latin Rap. It's like travelling into a realm where the demons sing and the angels dance along. It's very Juice Wrld meets Blink-182. It's just amazing. Hauntingly beautiful but also emotionally dark. The Latin rap from Yung Dupe adds an extra grit to the piece transforming the piece into something straight out of a Fast and Furious Movie.

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Love Ghost x Yung Dupe - 'TIME TRAVEL' Cover Art
Love Ghost x Yung Dupe - 'TIME TRAVEL' Cover Art

Love Ghost has garnered acclaim from prestigious platforms such as Rolling Stone, Clash, American Songwriter, and many others, cementing their position in the alternative music scene. You know what? They deserve it! Their recent European tour, which included a performance at the Rockpalast festival in Germany, alongside shows in Mexico City at Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks, and Amazon’s Gamergy Festival, demonstrates their global appeal and dynamic live presence.

Currently working in Mexico, Love Ghost's Finnegan Bell is engaged in a series of collaborations with Latin artists, including Wiplash, Dan Garcia, Ritorukai, and others, promising an exciting array of releases throughout the year. Among the anticipated projects is "Dopeman" with Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Camidoh, and an album produced by Marilyn Manson guitarist Tim Skold for Metropolis Records.

Love Ghost takes each collaborative release into new explorations. I honestly haven't heard anything like Love Ghost's collaborations. Powerful.

Genres: Emo Pop, Rock, Emo Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap

Mood: Reflective, Dark, Healing, Poignant, Energetic

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