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Lukx and Dad: ‘Curiosity’ Breathes New Life into Indie-Rap

‘Curiosity’ killed the cat, we all know that. But when the cat is this cool, has this much flow and melody in the hook, the cat becomes immortal. The cat — you may have gathered — is Lukx and Dad, and their cool is flowing through their latest single, ‘Curiosity.’ It’s a fresh indie track that plays with rap and lo-fi tones in new and inventive ways. Splashes of guitars, drum licks, and bass flows bring out the colour in the singles eyes and the passion is evident, flowing like tears from the ducts of a star. This time ‘Curiosity’ challenges the heights of modern music, keeping its head down the whole way. This change of perspective adds so much depth to each aspect of the track. The brights are brighter, the lows lower, and the vocals are even more personal than before.

Lukx with Dad is a father-son duo doing masterful work in the modern indie scene. If you’re looking for a chill sound you will find nowhere else, then this is where to look. ‘Curiosity’ is my favourite single of theirs to date. It’s current, inventive, calibrated and confident. The pair have hit a stride, and if they keep this up, there’s no slowing them. Keep on keeping on, we’re loving every second of it!



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